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Robo cut

Fanuc Robocut EDM C400i A

The Fanuc Robocut EDM C400i A can take work pieces up to a maximum of 700 x 555 x 250mm, and is a logical addition to their existing Fanuc EDM Wire Cut Machine Alpha OC (4 axis).

Protocon have significant experience eroding a wide variety of materials, and extremely tight tolerances and a high surface finish can also be obtained.

Wire eroding allows cutting extremely intricate contours, cavities and patterns with minimal damage to the overall structure of the substance.

Complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult to produce with conventional cutting tools cut be machined using this process on extremely hard material to very close tolerances.

Due to there being no direct contact between tool and work piece, delicate sections and weak materials can be machined without any distortion and small work pieces can be machined where conventional cutting tools may cause damage. pdf This method of precision engineering is obviously suited to both small and high volume batch work but it is also suitable for one-off and prototype enquiries - for more information please download our Protocon July News Sheet

Fanuc Robodcut

Fanuc EDM Wire Cut Machine Alpha OC (4 axis)

Automatic wire feed and 'lights out' machining capability

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